Google’s free tool, Google My Business (GMB), helps small businesses create a free business profile that lets them easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps.

While technically it is another social platform similar to Facebook, since it is owned by Google, information and posts added to GMB are infinitely more closely related to your search results.

It also provides information and updates for the business owner, including alerts when reviews are left, messages from customers, and notifications about new endorsements.

A recent study found that businesses with a profile on Google My Business saw an average ranking increase of 45%. If you want your business to rank higher in the search results pages then this article will provide some tips to help you get started!

Your GMB profile will show up in search results for potential customers looking for your type of business.

Your GMB listing appears in the right hand space of search results, and typically displays your company name, contact options, your logo, photos, map details, reviews and more.

Share photos, videos, and text updates with followers who are interested in what you have to offer

Similar to other social platforms, you can post a range of content to your GMB profile. This includes photos, videos and text updates to followers who are interested in what you have on offer! You can also use this as an opportunity for customer engagement by asking them questions about themselves which will help build up rapport between both parties – if done correctly it could lead off into future sales opportunities too…just make sure not do things like spamming people’s inboxes because then they’ll be less likely want anything else from either party involved so tread carefully when using these methods.

Followers can provide feedback about their experience with your business and you can respond publicly or privately

A very important component of Google search results has become reviews and testimonials. GMB offers customers an opportunity to leave reviews and have them visible right next to their search results.

Reviews are a great way to build up your credibility and show potential customers that what they are reading about you online has been confirmed by other people. It also provides an opportunity for the business owner to respond publicly on their page in order address customer concerns privately too!

You’ll have access to insights about how people find and interact with your business on Google

With Google being able to track certain patterns from visitors, it is able to provide valuable insights into how people find and interact with your business on Google. With this information, you can make changes that will help attract more customers or improve the customer experience online.

In conclusion, and especially if you are already active and posting on other social platforms, using Google My Business is a no-brainer! At a minimum, just reposting your existing post to this platform is critical. To maximise the gains however, writing content for the specific social platform – while more work – ensures that you are not just posting the same thing over and again.