Helping businesses with Websites, Print, Email Marketing and Design

Based in south-east Melbourne, we have been in operation for over 20 years and combine a genuine passion for technology and how it all works together with the practical skills of design and development.

Our growing client list and repeat business are indicative of the care and interest that we take in every project that we undertake.

Trafffic has had the pleasure of working for an extremely diverse group of customers, across a spread of industries. Our approach doesn’t change, meeting with you, understanding the project, providing you with a solution and seeing it through to the end.

Some of our amazing clients

Small enough to be able to react quickly
Experienced enough to deliver the goods

About Paul

Starting in print production in the late 90’s, it was all about desktop publishing and print. Seeing what was on the horizon, the move to website design and development was inevitable. Running my own business for over 10 years has allowed me follow my genuine interests in things that look good and technology. Combining the two to be able to help businesses solve problems with websites, print, email marketing and design is what keeps it exciting.

Are you looking for ideas to post on social media? We have updated our monthly calendar with Australian-based events and observances.

The calendar includes June 2021 dates, and with this resource at your fingertips, we hope that you find it easier than ever before to create a unique and engaging social media post for all occasions!

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Every month, we prepare a sample of the major events and observances that might be relevant to note, or right for you to piggy-back on for your social media effort - all based on the Australian market.⠀
Help yourself to the list and make some use of it. Link in bio.⠀
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Spending part of the afternoon sketching out concepts for a new postcard project. #sketch #concepts #handsketch #melbourne #postcards #design #graphicdesign #smallbusiness #smallbiz #melbournedesign ...

Our office for the day... shooting a series of short videos as part of a ongoing weekly email marketing campaign. ...

A bright brand and 4pp DL brochure for a business services client. Colours and layers to reflect the variety of skills on offer. ...