That moment just before, and just after, you send your bulk email marketing out to a list is scary. That fear can even stop you sending a message at all.

Just before you hit send, you wonder if everything IS right and if you could have done more. Just after, you wonder if everything WAS right and if you could have done more!

Email marketing fear is normal

The fear is good – it means you care. It might never go away completely, but there are some ways to help manage the main areas of concern:

  • Broken links – they can make your emails seem unprofessional, but they also make them ineffective. Make sure to send test emails to yourself and a colleague, and click every link.
  • Typos – they usually don’t mess up your overall message, but they undermine your professionalism. Typos make it seem as though you didn’t proofread but the thing is, your own typos are very difficult to catch. Before sending an email, read it out loud. Go slow, and focus on every word. One common technique is to read the message from the end to the start in reverse order, because this can help you catch typos. Some folks even like to print the email out if that helps. As always, make sure to send test emails to yourself and a colleague.
  • Will it work? A lot of excitement happens when we send out emails. Even though there is great potential for a new campaign, it’s easy to get caught up in the fear of bad results as you wonder whether your email will do its job. Sometimes, the anxiety around bad results can be so intense that marketers opt to never send any boundary-pushing campaigns at all. Give yourself permission to try things out. Understand that email marketing is all about refinement. Not every email needs to be a smash hit, and gaining insight into what doesn’t work is just as helpful as insight into what does.

To help out a little more, we have prepared a checklist for you to keep on hand when preparing your next campaign.

Trafffic Email Marketing Checklist