April 5, 2016 - Comments Off on Disqus iOS app released

Disqus iOS app released

When we develop a website that requires a strong commenting platform, we have typically relied on Disqus. Now, they have released a full featured iOS app to keep you up-to-date from your iPhone.

Image from 9to5mac.com

Along with many of the features you’re familiar with, we’re introducing a few new ones that are unique to the iOS app.

First is the ability to block others so that posts, and notifications from them will no longer be visible.

Blocking actions taken on the app aren’t currently reflected on the web version, though it’s something we’re committed to adding in the future.

Second, downvotes now reduce the comment’s total number of votes, with zero being the lowest a count can go.

We are still checking through the app and its features, but we really hope that there are admin and moderation type features as a convenient way to manage comments and discussions on your website while away from you desk.

Image from Disqus

Read the full announcement from the Disqus website.

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